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This week is energetically light, offering us momentary reprieve from all of the recent drama we’ve experienced. Mars, who’s in Taurus, and Pluto, who’s in Capricorn, harmonize on February 24th. The vibe may be intoxicating and passionate. Watch out for power struggles. The Pisces Sun and Uranus, who’s in Taurus, give us much needed insight and clarity on February 25th. Venus enters its favorite sign, Pisces, on February 25th. Love will have no limits and will feel unconditional. Jupiter, who’s in Aquarius, links up with the Nodes of Destiny on the 26th, making that day extra lucky. The Full Moon in Virgo occurs on February 27th and awakens our souls. Mercury, who’s in Aquarius, connects with the Nodes of Destiny on March 2nd. This will create a fated alliance and encounter to occur with someone who will help us in the future. Or, information that is important to our lives. 


You are longing for more direction and structure in your day-to-day activities. Make changes in your daily routine that you can stick to. If you can’t, that’s ok. You have time to work in the structure that you crave and need. Move at your own pace to make these changes.


Creativity is bursting out of the seems, but you don’t have a place to express your artistic sentiments at the moment. This can cause frustrations to arise within, as you are in need of an outlet. Start a hobby or project that allow your creativity to take flight and soar.


Finding balance between work and personal matters will be extremely challenging this week. You may have to sacrifice certain opportunities to maintain order in your home and personal life. Instead of fretting over projects lost, focus your energy on how to keep all areas of your world in harmonious flow.


Instead of going into your personal cocoon when conflict arises, be open to conversing about your feelings. You may find that talking about your emotions brings you clarity and a deeper understanding on such matters. Don’t be shy, Cancer! Peel back a layer and let others know how you feel.


It’s time for you to take a stand and let your feelings be known. No more settling for relationships and situations that are energetically beneath you. Be sure to make your feelings known and  create the boundary with others. That way, you can solely focus on things that truly matter.


Your wearing your heart on your sleeve, which means that you’re finally asserting your feelings. Don’t be worried about the responses you may get from those you share your emotions with. Being open with your sentiments is a big step for you. Keep up all the good work you’re doing!


You can start a whole new chapter in your spiritual development, but only if you opt to let go of the views that you’ve believed in for a long time. Letting go and revising your beliefs will help you awaken your soul and spirit. You’ll be able to heal as a result.


It’s a great week to reflect and to be still with your emotions. You’ll be able to find a moment of solace and understanding by giving yourself time alone with your thoughts. Recharge your mind, body, and heart to gain better clarity as to what your direction in life is.


You may feel as though you have worked so hard on your path and you have hit a brick wall, or, as though there is no advancement in your career. You’re now motivated to seek out new opportunities and professional directions, which will lead you down the path of success.


Stop overthinking, Capricorn! The more energy you give to others, the bigger problems that will occur in your own personal life. Don’t worry about who’s doing what and who they’re talking to. Focus on your needs at the moment and meditate on what makes you happy to find peace within.


A lot of things have been weighing on your shoulders, especially residual emotions and frustrations from the past few weeks. Don’t be too confrontational with others. Delicately express how you feel to ensure that there are no hard felt feelings between you and others. Nuance your sentiments to avoid drama.


Rather than give all of your energy to others, take some of those good vibes and sprinkle them back into your life. Feel yourself this week. After all, you should take a few moments out of the week to appreciate your fabulous self. Treat yourself to self-love. Ride your vibes!

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