WITCHTIPS & HOROSCOPES 4/21-4/27/ 2021

See what’s in the stars for you this week!

WITCHTIPS & HOROSCOPES 4/21-4/27/ 2021

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Change is in the air this week! Venus and Uranus connect in Taurus on April 22nd, creating autonomy in relationships. Mars enters Cancer on April 23rd, making us feel more protective over our lives than ever. Mercury and Uranus link up in Taurus on April 24th, expanding our minds and consciousness. Venus and Mercury, who are both in Taurus, align and square off with Saturn, who’s in Aquarius, on April 25th. Emotions will be tense and austere, making us yearn for attention and affection from others. The Pink Full Supermoon in Scorpio occurs on April 26th, pushing us to heal and evolve. This transformative sentiment is echoed by Pluto’s planetary moonwalk that begins on April 27th and lasts until October 6th in Capricorn.


You are not only releasing some serious emotions, but also learning to live your truest life on your terms. By actualizing and realizing the dreams you want, you can attain your heart’s desire. The lesson is to not let anything stand in the way of success as you move forward.


You may feel a little rebellious this week and wanting to do your own thing by going against the grain. You will be able to create and manifest your ingenious notions with grace, allowing you to crush and succeed in all aspects of life (as long as you’re on the fringe).


Instead of being chatty and in the know, you’re opting for time away from others. Your private and secret world may feel safe, but it’s not reality. Don’t hide from others for long, as it won’t help you deal with larger issues and getting tasks done in a timely manner.


You have a natural and intuitive sense that allows you to express your views on matters of business, love, and friendships with ease. If you are currently facing problems, taking a break can help you activate your intuition to see what needs to be done and how to do it.


You find it easy to collaborate with others on projects. In return, they will see you as reliable and helpful. Be open to receiving assistance from others. Use their guidance and help to your advantage. Don’t be too proud, Leo! Allow people to help out during your time of need.


In your surroundings, there is a lot of enthusiasm for practical decisions, Virgo. Those around you — friends, or colleagues could help you in understanding and supporting your decisions. Unfortunately, you won’t want to listen to their words as you’re opting to listen to your heart and gut feelings instead.


The cosmos are pushing you to manifest your dreams into reality. Channel your lesser seen inner warrior and don’t let fear hold you back. The only one who stands in your way, is you. Let your creative passions and talents guide you towards creating the professional world that you desire.


Be confident of your communication this week. Instead of reacting in a way that you will later regret, approach all discussions with care, understanding, and patience. That way you can make your point to get to the heart of the matter and make amends swiftly without the additional unnecessary drama.


Listen before you react to conflicts. Use your problem solving skill set this week to get through tough relationship issues and dramas with friends (all of which you’ll be caught up in). Be less impulsive and more thoughtful to ensure that you can navigate through the cosmic energies at play.


Jealousy is brewing in relationships. Therefore, it’s important to understand your hand and part in the dynamic. Before you allow envy to consume you, take a moment and reflect upon why you’re having these feelings. The grass is always greener, but you have the tools you need to attain happiness.


Chances are headed your way, forcing your inner vibe and sentiments to feel a bit off balanced. Your fundamental beliefs are shifting, mostly due to a new found understanding your emotions, motivations, and desires. Allow yourself time to familiarize your energy with your views to ensure steady progress in time.


You’re able to reach new heights in your life through building bonds with your close friends. Don’t be afraid to take the lead in communication, they are ready and willing to hear what you have to say. If you have something to say, you’ll be seen and heard this week.

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