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Astrology by Lisa Stardust

Beltane arrives on May 1st and activates an amazing week ahead. Mercury, who’s in Taurus, motivates Neptune, who’s in Pisces, to attain goals on April 29th. The Sun and Uranus unite on April 30th, awakening unique and out of the ordinary sentiments. Mercury and Pluto, who’s retrograde in Capricorn, link up and expose secrets on May 2nd. Venus, who’s in Taurus, and Neptune, spread love together on May 2nd. The Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius on May 3rd lends inspiration to the Mercurial shift into Gemini on May 3rd. Moments before Mercury changes signs on May 3rd, it will square Jupiter, who’s in Aquarius. This will add an exuberance of energy and over the top declarations to the day. The Taurus Sun and Saturn, who’s in Aquarius, activate each other on May 3rd, creating an intensity in the air that Jupiter clears up.


You are constantly working and being the best version of yourself for others. And, it’s taking a toll on you. It’s ok to take a break from being “on” all the time. The minute you start focusing on you, rather than others, you’ll begin to feel at peace with yourself.


You always carry a heavy load and weight on your shoulders, Taurus. All the more reason for you to release and let go of these issues to allow yourself to have a moment of mental and emotional rest. Then, you can move forward and focus solely on yourself for now.


You’re working through a few unresolved issues with friends this week, which will bring up old resentments. It’s important to talk matters out before you make any decisions about ending the relationship or reconciling the friendship to ensure that you’re being heard and seen in all that you are expressing.


The less you stress over matters, the more obtainable and attainable they’ll be. Once you let go of your worries, inspiration and opportunities will flow to you. Meditate and empty your thoughts to receive the insights that you need to thrive. The universe wants to give it to you now.


If you’re feeling stifled by a current relationship or friendship, then it’s time for you to lessen your grip and control (or vice versa) over the other person. Allowing space between you and others is a healthy way to grow separately and come together as individuals wanting to merge together. 


Your inner desires are coming out, making you lust after a dream that you have never expressed wanting. Therefore, it’s time to manifest your goals to ensure that they can come to fruition. Allow yourself to trust the process, as your purest visions and intentions are becoming an actual reality.


Taking risks in life is always a gamble, which is why it’s best to hold all of the cards you're playing close to your heart. Lean into your intuition by journaling your feelings and then making decisions. This will ensure that you have assessed the matter before going full in.


Relationships take work, which you are totally willing to do — but only if your partner is willing to put in the effort as well. Learning to work cooperatively towards a unified goal is going to bring you closer together, as well as getting real about your feelings and future plans. 


Only you can define your worth. No one can have power over you unless you give it away and don’t require them to treat you with absolute respect. Instead of arguing about how you feel, it’s time that you took a stand and let go of people who aren’t supportive.


Taking time off isn’t necessarily a bad thing, even for a busy bee and workaholic such as yourself. Learning to thrive in these moments off from work and away from all of your obligations will help you decompress. That way you can indulge in R & R without any hesitations.


Setting boundaries with yourself is important. You don’t want to cut out the fun in place of real life responsibilities. Make time in your schedule to incorporate all of the activities in your life that you relish along with duties. This will require implementing balance and organization into your routine.


Talking about your fears and insecurities can help you evolve as a person. Learning to openly communicate about matters that have been emotionally holding you back will allow you to be free from the constraints that have been holding you back. It will be freeing for your heart and spirit.

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